Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

This film didn’t have much to live up to following the appalling rubbishness of Underworld: Evolution. I actually liked the first one quite a lot though repeated viewing has tired me. Rise of the Lycans explores the back story of the series and though someone told me they thought it was the best of the series so far I have to differ. It is certainly better than Evolution but the first one still reigns supreme for me.

The story of Rise of the Lycans is covered in a couple of small flashbacks in the original and frankly there wasn’t much more that needed to be said. Basically I think your choice of favourite Underworld film comes down to a very simple choice. If you prefer automatic weapons choose 1, for swords and crossbows choose 3. If you have severe bad taste in film problems then choose 2.

P.s. I recently found out the huge scary black guy who plays a werewolf in the films and only really grunts, actually wrote the scripts… weird!


2 Responses to “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”

  1. Mark Davidson Says:

    “Someone told me they thought it was the best of the series so far.” Let’s not be afraid to quote Dr. Kermode when he tells us something. Don’t you want Kermodian in the dictionary you closet-fan you!?
    Come out Will, come out from the Kermodian closet in which you seem so comfortable. Come out and breathe the beautiful Kermodian air!

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