The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

CCBB, as I shall refer to it here, is another darling of the current awards judges. Even if I hadn’t known that before I went in it would soon have been obvious that it would be as you watch the film. There are the interesting and varied characters from all walks of life, who are still all have hearts of gold under their various rough exteriors. There is a tale of a life that was touched by others and touched back. A story of disability fought, of love overcoming great odds, courage in battle and life in general, all with great historic events as a back drop and some obscure tale unrelated tale running parallel as some kind of commentary.

This had multi-oscar winner written all over it and as such I was ready to lash out in hatred and bile just automatically. However I have to say that it wasn’t that bad really. It went on forever though, and for the majority of it Brad Pitt had minimal make-up on i.e. was between the ages of 25 to 50 and the fact he was living backwards could quite easily have been forgotten. Much of this section was a little dull, it must be said. The beginning 45 minutes or so were interesting up until he ended up in Russia when it went downhill and didn’t really pick up until the overly quick ending. Another problem I had was with the now overused and somewhat clunky use of the narrator reading a memoir in a hospital. This added virtually nothing to the story apart from 20 minutes or so which could happily have been cut from the mammoth running time.

However the film was good in parts and generally well acted. If you like the other sentimental films of similar genres, particularly the likes of Titanic, Forest Gump and other such you will like this film. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot better than Titanic but it’s not my kind of thing. Sorry.


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