Gran Torino

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the film of the year, so far at least. As you might have guessed I liked this film. It is brilliant from start to finish and off the top of my head I can think of virtually nothing wrong with it. Clint Eastwood, as I believe I have already said on this blog, is a great director. I was going to say is proving to be great but I think it is now definitive. This man has a talent for film most people can only dream of.

His acting in this can’t really be said to be testing him outside of his normal roles. You can’t, for instance, imagine him in a romantic comedy (probably another thing to be said in his favour) but he’s very good in this, as is the entire rest of the cast. The story is powerful, though maybe be a little predictable, and it is wonderfully directed. The full range of emotions is covered without this often somber tale taking itself to seriously and with laugh out loud moments along the way. Basically this film has pretty much everything you’d want in a movie and should be manditory viewing for everyone.


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